Power Transmission Equipment

VAR SPE logo - new 12-2015 Var-Spe is one of the World’s leading companies in the construction of speed variators, variable displacement pumps and hydraulic motors. Modern technology, integrating hydrostatic transmission with electronic controls, makes  Var-Spe variators a real solution for today’s problems in the most diverse industrial sectors. For 40 years, in thousands of applications, Var-Spe speed variation has been synonymous with reliability, quality and customer service throughout the world. Var-Spe infinitely variable hydraulic gears work according to the principle of hydrostatic transmission. They essentially consist of a hydraulic, radial piston variable displacement pump (primary pump) and a constant displacement pump (secondary pump). Applications and industries include:

  • Food Industry
  • Wire
  • Winding-unwinding
  • Pumps
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Screw System

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