Stella Drive

Power Transmission Equipment

The MPD Stelladrive is an innovative module that fits between an engine and a transmission to drive multiple hydraulic pumps. The MPD is directly mountable to the engine SAE housing and flywheel, featuring built-in flexible pump to dampen torsional vibrations and compensate for possible misalignments. The output is a SAE dummy flywheel and housing that connects to any SAE driven equipment such as marine transmissions or PTOs.

  • Standard SAE input and outputs
  • High flexibility allowing up to 8 pump pads
  • Torsional coupling for vibration dampening
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Sizes 14, 18 & 22
  • Mounts directly to the engine SAE housing and flywheel
  • Self contained with their own lubrication circuit

Please Click here to view the Stelladrive Series Brochure