How to Buy a Generator


Why you should buy your generator from a Kohler Power-Pro dealer

An emergency generator for your home or business is a major investment.  You want to know that the generator will perform during those crucial times of power outage. You can help avoid costly surprises by having your generator system configured, installed, and maintained by a professional Kohler Power-Pro dealer.

Your Kohler Power-Pro dealer will help you decide which generator is right for your home or business.   Proper generator sizing is an important step to be sure that your essential electrical loads can function properly without overloading the generator; and to make sure you don’t waste money buying a larger generator than you need.   It is also important to understand the existing electric panels and circuits within your home in order to design the most cost effective and useful tie-in of the generator system.  These are services that you cannot get online or from the “big-box” stores.

Your Kohler Power-Pro dealer can provide a complete “turn-key” installation.  Have the peace of mind that your generator is properly and safely installed.  Your Kohler dealer will handle all the details, from obtaining permits and compliance with local building and safety codes,  providing for propane or natural gas hook-ups, installing your automatic transfer switch and electrical connections, to final start-up and testing.  He can install Kohler’s optional On-Cue remote monitoring and control system so you can manage your generator no matter where you are.  You don’t get these services online or from the “big box “ stores.

Did you know that Kohler offers the best warranty policy in the industry?  You can protect that warranty coverage by having your generator installed and started- up by your Kohler Power Pro dealer.  When started up by an authorized dealer, your five-year warranty coverage begins after the generator is installed in your home.  Otherwise, your warranty began when the generator was manufactured, and you have no way of knowing how long it sat in the retailer’s inventory. Protect your investment by having your generator installed by a generator expert.

Your Kohler Power Pro dealer is your resource to provide ongoing maintenance and advice to keep your generator primed for emergencies.  Sizing, installation, warranty and after-sale service.  Services  and value you can’t get online or from the “big box” stores!

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