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Kohler has become the choice for OEM power with most U.S. boat builders-and for good reason.  KOHLER produces recreational and commercial marine generators, powered by diesel and gasoline engines. Gasoline-powered units are available from 5Kw through 15Kw and diesel units range from 6Kw through 500Kw.

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Sea Spare Kits:

Be safe and prepared on the water with a KOHLER Sea Spares Kit. These essential service and maintenance marine parts, specific to your KOHLER generator, store on board your yacht or cruiser in a tough, water-resistant case.


Kraft Power Corp. and Kohler also understand that a good warranty can provide peace of mind and is one of the prime ways to judge a product’s reliability. The line of marine generators is backed by a five year basic warranty with no deductible from proof of purchase (unless the unit has over 50 hours) or 5-1/2 years from Kohler’s ship date. The basic warranty is full coverage for parts, labor, and travel for two years. The remaining three years are parts only.

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