Murphy Instrumentation

FW Murphy Controls & Instrumentation

Equipment Monitoring, Protection, Control and Automation

Instrumentation and control systems for engine driven equipment, including oil and gas, irrigation and agriculture, power generation, marine, generator sets and any application involving engines and their driven equipment.

  • A complete product line  •  Everything from gauges to complete systems.
  • Experience and expertise  •  Sales and engineering staff have the experience and training to help you select the best product for your needs.
  • Standard or custom control systems  •  Our off-the-shelf systems are a very economical choice. When you require a custom system our sales people and engineers are ready to design to meet your needs.
  • Personal attention  •  Every customer and every order is unique and your needs are attended to with courteous personal attention.

Kraft Power and F.W. Murphy Controls & Instrumentation provides solutions dealing with pressure, temperature, level, vibration, overspeed, and more for engine-powered and electric motor-powered equipment. Specializing in engine protection systems with alarm and/or automatic shutdown. Kraft Power also offers a full line of controls, everything from sensors to gages to micro-controllers. Applications include stationary and mobile equipment such as generators, compressors, fleet vehicles, and construction equipment.

  • Pressure and Vacuum
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Time, Vibration and Overspeed
  • Magnetic Switches / TATTLETALE® (Annunciators)
  • Engine Panels and Digital Fault Annunicators
  • Automation Systems
  • Electric Motor Controls
  • Shutdown Devices
  • Electric Gauge and Switchgage®
  • Gen Set Controls

TO ORDER: Call 800-835-5254 or contact your nearest Kraft Power distributor.

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