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About Gill Instruments

Gill Instruments design and manufacture inductive ignition and emissions control systems for industrial gas engines. Gill products have a reputation for quality and reliability, currently used by small, medium and large OEMs around the world and in the aftermarket.

Inductive Ignition Systems

Ignition Modules

Gill ignition modules are designed to control normally aspirated, turbo-charged and lean-burn engines. Ignition modules are available for 1-12 cylinder engines running on LPG, natural gas or bio gas.

The ignition modules are fully programmable for the number of cylinders, are configurable for OEM timing disk patterns and feature an on-board visual status indicator.

Gill Instruments website link: Ignition Modules

Ignition Coils

Gill ignition coils are available in a number of mechanical and electrical formats, all utilising Gill’s proven inductive technology to create a powerful spark of long duration.

A CSA® certified ignition coil is also available.

Gill Instruments website link: Ignition Coils


CSA® Certified Enclosure

This sheilded enclosure is CSA Certified (Class 1, Div. 2, Groups C and D) and is compatible with Gill GS6, GS8 and GS12 ignition modules. The unit features header-type connectors for quick and simple installation and can be coupled to the Gill ignition display.

Gill Instruments website link: Ignition System Enclosure


Ignition Displays

The Gill ignition display can be used remotely to monitor engine RPM and ignition angle, as well as coil diagnostics (if specified on the ignition module).

The display allows engine timing adjustment via a PIN-lockable keypad, and is available in panel-mount and surface mount configurations.

Gill Instruments website link: Ignition Display


Inductive Pickups

Gill ignition pickups are available in a number of formats, designed for use with the Gill range of ignition components. With a 10,000 teeth/second maximum rotation speed, these pickups are ideal for use in industrial gas engine applications.

Gill Instruments website link: Ignition Pickups


Emissions Control Systems

Air/Fuel Ratio Controller

The Gill AF120 Air/Fuel Ratio Controller provides cost effective, precision emissions control for gas engines. The module will control the air/fuel ratio of stoiciometric engines fitted with a three-way catalytic converter, and lean burn engines with or without a cat.

Gill Instruments website link: Air Fuel Controller


Air/Fuel Display

Compatible with the Gill AF120 Air/Fuel Ratio Controller, the air/fuel display provides clear, intuitive information in real time. The display can be used remotely with the Gill CSA® Certified Enclosure.

Gill Instruments website link: Air/Fuel Display


CSA® Certified Air/Fuel Enclosure

The EH12 shielded enclosure is CSA® Certified Class 1, Div. 2, Groups C and D, and can be used to house the Gill AF120 air/fuel control module. The unit allows for easy installation and termination via header-type connectors.

Gill Instruments website link: Air/Fuel Enclosure