Kraft PTO: Chambers Delimbinator

Chambers Delimbinator

Chambers manufactures a delimbinator, which removes limbs and debris from pine trees that are thinned on pine tree plantations in the southeast. This unique device takes the place of a worker with a chainsaw and dramatically increases productivity.

Chamber’s Problem:

Equipment operators were experiencing frequent failures of Twin Disc clutches. The failures were the result of excessive side loads on the pilot bearing, infrequent lubrication of the pilot bearing and operating shafts vibrating loose.

Kraft’s Solution:

Kraft custom engineered a Kraft Power Industrial Power Take Off, which utilized a sealed roller bearing for the pilot bearing. This handled their side load sufficiently and did away with the need for lubrication. Stop collars were installed on connecting shaft to prevent lateral travel and shaft was custom cut to allow removal of the hand lever during operation. This resulted in increased life of the PTO’s and improved performance of the machine.  For more information about Chambers Delimbinator, visit