Beth Israel Medical Center

Beth Israel Medical Center

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Beth Israel Medical Center is a full service community hospital with 212 beds.  In 2012, Kraft Power installed a 250 kW co-generation system on the building’s rooftop in an effort to reduce reliance on the public power grid and promote energy efficiency throughout the entire medical campus.

The combined heat and power (CHP) system at Beth Israel Medical Center consists of one Kraft Energy System, rich burn model KMGR-250-4SH, capable of a total electrical output of 250 kW.  The thermal output from the unit will be used to supply heat to the boiler return.

The site’s electric demand is substantial enough to keep the system operating at or near its rated capacity on a continuous basis.  The KES system is anticipated to displace 2,021,860 kWh and displace 118,530 therms of gas through heat recovery annually.

The CHP system at Beth Israel Medical Center is expected to operate at an annual efficiency of 90% (LHV) and achieve a 95% or better availability.  CHP efficiency is usually twice that of conventional utility power.  Monitored data are being collected from the site and are available in an hourly format.

Beth Israel Medical Center benefits from the Kraft Energy System as it significantly reduces their carbon footprint and reduces reliance on the grid.