Oil/Fluid Analysis

Kraft Power’s Fluid Analysis Program is a thorough, reliable and efficient early warning system to see what is going on inside your equipment. We have the trained staff and cutting-edge technology needed to detect potential problems before they become major failures.

Our Fluid Analysis Program Provides the following benefits:

  • Early detection of any problems in order to prevent major damages to your equipment
  • Downtime of your equipment is scheduled so your production process will not be interrupted
  • Our Fluid Analysis Program also allows for a better overall evaluation of your equipment. We will only perform service work when it is needed, not when it is scheduled.
  • The continuous monitoring of your equipments’ fluids will allow you to develop a complete history of your engine and generator set. This will be a major advantage when planning for your budgets or replacement of your equipment. We can build a whole service history of your equipment that will give you insights into the state of your equipment that will enable you to better plan for utilizing your equipment.