Load Bank Testing

“Be Ready for Your Next Building Inspection”

Load Bank Testing by Kraft Power will prolong the life of your power equipment and reduce the risk of unnecessary engine or generator failure.

Load Bank Testing allows a standby or prime power system to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency power situation.


Load Bank tests the engine’s ability to produce kW and the generator’s ability to produce kVA. It confirms the generator’s ability to come up to full load and stay there without overheating and possibly shutting down. Testing also includes evaluation of other critical system spec’s, such as oil and fuel pressure, to make sure the engine is well lubricated and gets enough fuel to produce the power your system requires.

Testing results are furnished with any recommendation for repair, and are added to your Service History.

Load Bank testing helps keep your generator ready for emergencies. Call your nearest Kraft Power location today to set up a Load Bank Test on your generator power system. WHO TO CONTACT