3500 KW Solar Centaur Gas Turbine Generator

3500 KW Solar Centaur Gas Turbine Generator
3500 KW Solar Centaur Gas Turbine Generator

One – (1) – 3500 KW Solar Centaur Gas Turbine Generator Set is a skid mounted integrally connected, piped and wired unit featuring an indoor, sound attenuated gas turbine engine
The unit is presently equipped to burn natural gas fuel but can be converted to burn distillate fuel.
The unit is equipped with:
A Woodward governor
An air starting system consisting of electric motor driven compressors, air storage tanks and air expander
Donaldson self-cleaning air filtration system
Inlet air fogging system
Lubrication oil system
Oil cooler
Gauge panel
Exhaust elbow,  and  a  free  standing  switchgear  for  auto  start,  parallel  and synchronizing
A new turbine / generator control system is fitted, comprising – Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC, Woodward 2301D Governor and Bentley Nevada Vibration Engineering / Performance Data & Operating History

Solar Centaur refurbished Turbo-generator package specifications:
Centaur T4501 single shaft gas turbine engine, overhauled
1800 rpm reduction gearbox, overhauled
5000 KVA Ideal generator, 4000 KW, 8 PF, 1800 RPM, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 13.8 KV, 6 Lead, Continuous Duty with Class “F” Insulation
Pneumatic Start System
Fire detection/suppression system, including
New fire detection controller
New (2) UVIR flame detectors
CO2 bottles and rack
Horn/strobe light assemblies on skid
New (2) gas detectors and sensors
New instrumentation (transmitters, RTDs) for the following:
Gas Fuel Pressure
Lube Oil Header Pressure
Lube Oil Header Temperature
Air Inlet DP
Enclosure temperature
Woodward Governor Gas Control
New turbine/generator control system including:
Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLC for turbine/generator sequencing and protection
Woodward 2301D-GT governor
Woodward DSLC generator control
ABB Generator Protection Relay
Basser SSR Voltage Regulator
Bentley Nevada BN1701 vibration monitor
Hi-temperature velomitor for gas producer
Accelerometer for gearbox
Velomitors (2) for generator
HMI, with the following content:
Panel-mount PC
Keyboard Drawer
RSView32 software
Digital generator meters (one for generator bus, one for running bus).
Skid re-wired with new conduit
480V Motor Control Center, containing starters for the following motors:
Enclosure Vent Fan
Lube Oil Cooler Fan motors (qty. 2)
AC Lube Oil Pump
Donaldson Self-cleaning combustion air filter
Inlet silencer
Exhaust Silencer
2 Lube Oil Coolers
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