Commitment to Safety Strengthens the Quality of Our Service

Posted on March 4, 2015 by

In 2013 Kraft Power Corporation launched an initiative to organize and grow a culture of safety and compliance encompassing all aspects of our business.   We added an experienced manager, whose primary focus is achievement of that goal.  With the help of ClickSafety, an industry leader in on-line training, we implemented a comprehensive safety and compliance training program with a customized curriculum for every job in the Kraft Power organization, from the executives and managers to the office staff and service technicians.  Since then, for instance, each of our field technicians has completed over twenty-five hours of the most current training available in those aspects of safety they might expect to encounter on the job, including OSHA-10 Construction certification.  So, our employees are better trained, better supported, and better equipped to work safely than ever before.

As we enter 2015, we see the positive results of those efforts in the form of safety performance that beats our industry’s benchmarks.  An additional, but equally important, benefit of making this investment of time and resources is the reinforcement of Kraft Power’s 50-year track record of providing the highest level of service quality to our customers.   When employees are focused on doing their jobs safely, they pay attention to the details, and their work is even better for having done so.

To learn more about Kraft Power’s safety and compliance initiatives, please contact our Compliance, Safety & Corporate Affairs Manager, John R. Nadolny at jnadolny@

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