New York CHP Achieves 98% Uptime, Reduced Energy Cost, and Improved Environment

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June 19, 2014:  A 250kw Kraft Energy Systems combined heat & Power (CHP) unit model KMGR-250-4IH, has clocked an average of 98% uptime since its commissioning in September, 2012.

The natural gas fueled CHP unit is installed at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York.  The project was a key part of an energy efficiency project carried out by Ecosystems, a New York energy performance engineering firm.  The project was awarded “Energy Project of the Year 2013” by the Association of Energy Engineers.  The project benefits the hospital with $600,000 annual energy cost  savings and improved energy  security, while resulting in greenhouse gas emission reduction of 481 metric tons of CO2 annually.

The Kraft Energy Systems CHP unit is a containerized prefabricated module installed on the hospital roof.  The prime mover is a high efficiency MAN twelve cylinder natural gas engine.  The engine is fitted with a catalytic converter and fuel mixture controls to reduce CO, NOX and hydrocarbon emissions.  Waste heat from the engine exhaust and internal cooling circuits is recovered, and used to supply heat to the boiler return loop.  The electrical output is synchronized with the hospital’s Con-Ed utility feed.  All operating parameters of the CHP can be monitored and controlled remotely.

The CHP module was designed and manufactured by Kraft Power Corporation, and Massachusetts corporation with facilities in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina.  Through a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement with the hospital, Kraft Power provides complete scheduled maintenance, overhaul and repair to the CHP unit.

Beth Israel Hospital in NY CHP unit installed by Kraft Power

Beth Israel Hospital in NY CHP unit installed by Kraft Power

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