CAT G3400NA upgraded with Heinzmann Controls

Posted on August 19, 2013 by

Kraft Power has just completed a gas engine upgrade project in West Virginia for USA Compression.  Kraft Power technicians upgraded the controls on a CAT G3400NA driving an Ariel compressor with Heinzmann advanced gas engine controls.  The new equipment included the Heinzmann Pandaros digital speed control, with STG2040 Actuator, Harness, lever arm and 5/8” 18 NFT mag pickup. The Heinzmann engine controls were integrated with an Altronic Digital gauge kit that allowed us to set up three different input signals coming into the control unit, allowing the operator to control the engine speed to match the suction pressure of the unit, or manually with the potentiometer, or via a 4-20 signal from the customer PLC.  The speed controls were programmed with the idle rated feature enabled, so that the engine can start and run at a set speed during warm up, after warm up it can be switched to allow one of the other three options to run the unit.   When the suction pressure is at 50 PSI the engine runs at 1100 RPM the high end is set at 65 PSI where the engine will run at 1800 RPM and the speed curve is relative to the suction pressure as the suction pressure increases so does the engine speed.  Previous to this, if the engine was running too fast it would run out of gas from the well, if it was too slow it would not pump enough gas.  So this gives USA Compression much better control over matching the compressor flow volume to the available gas supply, increasing throughput, and reducing operator intervention.


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