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Homeowners Should Consider Automatic Standby Generators 
Before Severe Weather Strikes  

WOBURN, MA (25 June, 2013) – We live in a “plugged in” society. Our lives are filled with dozens of electronic devices and gadgets, not to mention the critical systems that keep our homes up and running. With our ever-growing dependence on electricity, the need for reliable standby power is more important than ever, especially during emergency situations.

When severe weather strikes and the power goes out, homeowners need access to safe, reliable backup power. A permanent standby generator is often viewed as the best option because it provides automatic power during extended outages.

“A standby generator is like having your own personal power plant in your backyard,” said Ed Del Grande, a master pipefitter/contractor and nationally syndicated home improvement expert. “When the power shuts off from the utility, a standby generator automatically turns on – generally within 10 seconds – and can power all the major systems and appliances in your home.”

A standby generator, like those from KOHLER, is fully automatic and permanently installed outside with a direct connection to the home’s electrical system, similar to a central air-conditioning unit. It runs on propane or natural gas and is connected to the home’s fuel lines, meaning the homeowner does not have to be physically present to start up the generator and fuel it. A transfer switch automatically monitors utility power and transfers the electrical load to the generator if power is lost, protecting the home even if the owner is away.

A standby generator can power critical and sophisticated appliances and systems in a home, including lights, heating/cooling systems, refrigerators, sump pumps, security systems, electronics and more. Depending on the size, an automatic standby generator can power an entire home or a few key devices like a set of lights, a refrigerator and/or an air-conditioning unit.

“Selecting and installing an automatic standby generator is not a do-it-yourself project,” said George Amidon, Residential/Light Commercial Sales Manager for Kraft Power Corporation. “It’s important to consult with a local power professional who can help you choose the right standby generator for your needs and can handle everything from filing permits to properly installing the unit to performing scheduled maintenance.”

Prior to purchasing a permanently installed standby generator, consumers should always fully investigate their options and consult with a local professional. Key features to consider when researching a standby generator include a commercial-grade engine, a non-corrosive enclosure (especially in areas with salt water) and a minimum five-year warranty.

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